Jumanji (1995)

Watch Jumanji (1995) Movie Online

Watch Jumanji (1995) Movie Online
Jumanji: When two kids play an old magic board-game they found, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.
Released: December 15, 1995
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres: Comedy Thriller Romance Family Adventure Fantasy
Countries: USA
Director: Joe Johnston
Actors: Adam Hann-Byrd Annabel Kershaw Bebe Neuwirth Bonnie Hunt Bradley Pierce Daniel Olsen Darryl Henriques David Alan Grier Frank Welker Gillian Barber James Handy Jonathan Hyde Kirsten Dunst Lloyd Berry Malcolm Stewart Patricia Clarkson Peter Bryant Robin Williams Robyn Driscoll Tom Woodruff Jr

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